Monday, August 4, 2008

Vancouver Part III

Holy hell, what a weekend we have had. Just up now at the crack of 10 and going to try and get some of our wonderful shenanigans down in writing and in pics.

So Saturday night, we had a fantastic BBQ with a whole bunch of friends. It was the grand finale of the Symphony of Fire so we had a Prideful pyro celebration as a backdrop, too. (You can click on any of the pics here to make them bigger.) The party went until 3am and it was a blast. Pattycake whipped up a delicious Greek meal: grilled Greek chicken, spanikopita, Greek salad and mini cupcakes for Minx's birthday.

And then there was Sunday, the big day of homolicious celebration, where everyone is as gay as can be. Where do I even start? We got up and had breakfast with Minx, laughing about the wildness of the night before--who knew 12 lezzies and one metrosexual man could put away so much vodka! We started out at the festival, where we got our groove on early and had our first crack of the crop!

It's hard to know exactly how many dykes woke up this morning with welts on their asses, but I'd imagine the number is in the triple digits. With three of us cruising the party--Assolina Spankaromo, Bootalina Slapacoli, and Bumaccina Whipaletti (see where it all began)--we covered a lot of ass real estate. We even had shirts made with our names on them just so people knew who they were dealing with.

The Chicka was one of the best lezzie parties I've been to (and I've been to a lot lately) because of the awesome venue--BC's old heritage mansion. And there had to have been 1000 women crammed into the old rooms, which were pounding with base from the three dance floors, or outside in the huge, lush, estately garden (see video below). We had such fun! God sure must like gay people because the weather couldn't have been any more perfect. 70 degrees and sunny as an Arizona morning.

After hamming it up--or rather whipping it up--at the Chicka party, we headed to dinner at Bin 941. Yummmmmmmmmmmm! If you're ever in Vancouver, make sure you hit this tiny little gem. At Bin 941, we noshed on lots of yummy tapas and made friends with a hot group of fags. They were armed with squirt guns, and of course were were armed with crops, so there was a big showdown late in the evening which ended up outside. I chased one of the squirting sassy-asses around the block with my crop and came back defeated and soaked.

All in all, good times--no, rather, GREAT times--were had by all and we rang in Minx's birthday (which is today) in style!

Now I'm ready to start detoxing, take a nap and put away crop (well, at least for today).

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