Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Tay's Pays

Do you have a friend who is always getting their name pronounced wrong? Perhaps she’s named Alicia and people call her Aliza. Or the common mistake of Laura versus Lara. Sarah versus Sara. After being called Ray-mon for years, my friend Ramon added an “e” to the end of his name so people would say it right.

Well, my girlfriend has one of those names. She spells it Tay, but it’s pronounced Tie. People get her name right until they see it spelled and suddenly they start calling her a name that rhymes with “say.”

The other night Tay made me a delicious pie for my birthday. All of my friends agreed she could go into the pie business. And we came up with the perfect name. Tay’s Pays. Pronounced, of course, “Ties Pies.” Yum. Do we have our first customer?


Anonymous said...

I'm often referred to as Elaine or Ellen, which I don't mind, although I like my name better than I used to! I know a woman named Siobhan (pronounced She-von), who often has her name prounounced as it looks (See-oh-be-han).
Happy Birthday!
Oh, and I'll order a cherry pie, except it'll have to be sent to the East Coast (I'll pay expenses).

Sandy B. said...

After eating one of the "pays", I'm a believer!