Tuesday, August 26, 2008

She's Still The Only One

I saw Melissa Etheridge over the weekend in one of those great old ornate theaters that every city used to have. I was reminded of the first time I saw Melissa in concert in Utica, NY. It must have been 1988. Her first album had just come out, but she wasn't yet.  Still, we were sure she was a dyke. 

We passed the binoculars back and forth, convinced that one of those necklaces dangling between her breasts was a labyris.  (It probably was!) She was young and energetic and she rocked for three hours straight. She never held still long enough for us to really tell.

Well, the girl may have aged, but she sure hasn't slowed down. Melissa Etheridge still puts on quite a show. Again she played for over three hours, this time taking us on the journey that is her life, from the farm girl in Kansas, coming out in Boston, heading to Hollywood, her early open tumultuous relationships, falling in love with a straight woman, breaking up, finding love again, getting cancer and finally finding peace. She played many of her old favorites, plus a few from the new album. 

Cameras weren't allowed, but I snuck mine in anyway. The video didn't turn out so good, but here's a sample. 

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