Saturday, August 2, 2008

Vancouver Pride Part II

Did you hear the crack of the riding crop last night? If you were within 100 miles of Vancouver, BC surely you heard the slap of the leather against all the lezzies asses as well as the boom boom base coming from the upper deck dance floor of the Chicks Ahoy party.

The boob cruise was, in one word: CRAZY! The Italian Croppers were in full force last night, Bumacinna Whipaletti and I (Bootiola Slapacoli), following our fearless leader AssolinaSpankaromo. You can see Assolina started out the night by teaching these colorful seafaring dykes a thing of two. After they got wind of the spankings, chicks started to line up. One after one, they bent over the side of the boat and closed their eyes, afraid, but thing of two about S&M. After one crack, they'd lean over even further and ask for more.

Things really got out of control when one lunatic lezzie--after I cracked her ass on the dance floor (she begged for it)--picked me up off the ground with her big burly brute and wrapped my legs around her waist, only to tear my skirt at the back slit, up to the crack in my ass! See photo--I turned the tear around to the front so we could get a good pic. Things got even worse when, waiting in line to pee, the frenetic furry taco diver walked by me, stopped, reached for my skirt and ripped it up even higher. So, about an hour before the cruise docked, I was pretty much walking around and dancing it up in only my g-string. Mom would've been proud.

Today we're hosting a BBQ in honor of Pride and plan on taking it easy so we can save our energy for tomorrow's celebration and Chicka Party, where the Italian Croppers will be out in even fuller force. Seriously, look out ladies! Prepare your bums....

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