Friday, August 8, 2008

L Word Siting

So, Pattycake and I were having dinner last night at Trattoria and enjoying ourselves. We were laughing about something silly as we shared a bottle of Barbara when suddenly I caught someone I recognized out of the corner of my eye. I stopped, took another sip and looked closer, and wouldn't you know it was HELENA from the L Word eating a couple tables away with three guys.

The L Word is shooting here in Vancouver right now and I wondered if I might happen up one of the cast members. Well, lucky me--I got to run into one of my very favorite characters Rachel Shelley. I'm not the star struck type and I certainly would never have approached Rachel, but I'll have you know I did consider it for you guys so I could get a picture. I decided, instead, just to enjoy my meal and the backdrop and snap this completely unintelligible photo with my Crackberry as we were leaving. You can read an interview CURVE did with Rachel here.

And just FYI, she's just as hot in person without makeup. Smokin'!

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