Sunday, August 24, 2008

Arizona Posse Reunion III

Oh Lord, what a wild night we had here in Scottsdale, Arizona last night! After sun worshipping all day in the lazy river, we all got ready for dinner and hung out in our hotel suite, again laughing our asses off and having a blast reminiscing. Everyone here--save Lipstick--is a mom and three of them are actually currently pregnant. For educational purposes, of course, I got to watch one of them pump their breasts and was amazed at how the nipples looked in those little cups as they were being pulled like a cow's utter. Fascinating... and sort of a turn on. Photo coming soon.

All gussied up, we played CLR (a game that involves dice and dollar bills). I won big and the beaves showered me with money. Also see photo.

We headed out to dinner at Sol Y Sombra, a delicious Spanish tapas restaurant in DC Ranch. It was at dinner when all hell started to break loose after a day in the sun. Some bitter old man, who obviously hadn't been laid in years, complained about how loud we were being within the first five minutes of arriving at the restaurant. All we'd done was cheers our champagne glasses and let out a "yeah." We kind of thought he was kidding when he told us to shut up, but turns out, the dickhead wasn't. He had the manager move them to a table further away. All grown up, we proceeded to have a food fight, a rated X photoshoot and lots and lots of laughter.

The late night shenanigans I'll keep to myself, however, I will share the Scottsdale Police Department Rap Sheet down below. Be sure to click on the sheet so you can read the details.

We're all out of jail today and headed to the pool again to nap, but it was one hellova night!

Until next time...


Anonymous said...

Lip, you have some mighty fine looking friends. You all must have hit that spot like a tidal wave of lezzie hotness. Oh, to have been the waiter at your table!

Kellen W. Bradley said...

Gina, this blog is awesome. I'm glad to hear that you have such a following. Too bad I missed you this weekend, but from what Shan told me it was quite the adventure...keep it up !

Bridget said...

Seriously! The rap sheet...Fu#*ing brilliant LOVE IT!!! Your too funny