Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Final WinterPRIDE Recap!

What a week we had up in Whistler! Saturday night proved to be the highlight for Lipstick (probably because I just got to play and didn't have to work!). We had a fabulous friend in town--Jenny (pictured to the right; she's beautiful, fabulous and SINGLE, believe it or not!)--and hit the champagne bar at the Bearfoot Bistro for bubbles and oysters before the girl party. Of course the renowned restaurant was packed with gay men, sitting in huge parties all over the room.

Our intimate pre-party was the perfect kickoff. After a medley of oysters, paired with a delicious bottle of Charles Heidsieck--and a tremendous amount of laughter--we headed into the village in search of the lezzies. We found the Shred Betty Bash right on the edge of the mountain, literally in the building where the gondolas are housed. The girls who put on the Pampered Pussy Party (Mandy and Leigh of Flygirls) threw this party, too, and did a great job with the venue. Beyond the sea of women gyrating on the dance floor, there were wild, Yeti-looking (albeit hot Yetis) women dancing with colorful hoolahoops on platforms (see video).

We saw a lot of familiar faces at the party and it was a really good time. We danced the night away and, again, had way too many laughs. Lesbians are such a funny bunch to watch and mingle with--never a lack of fodder for a hungry advice columnist/fiction writer.

Thanks WinterPRIDE for having us back! Be sure to look for our WinterPRIDE vlog (posted on in March) recapping our whole week in video. There will also be a new webisode posted on of Lipstick & Dipstick helping a couple who needed some advice in Whistler ext week, too, so stay tuned in!

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