Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Whistler Fun I

Dip and I have been whooping it up in Whistler this week and having a fabulous time at WinterPRIDE. Last night, we hosted Gay Retro Bingo + Games night. About 100 people cameo out for the event and we had a blast! As promised, I wore an afro and rollerskates. Dip was a butch version of Harvey Milk meets David Cassidy.

Today, Dipstick is hitting the slopes on her first ski lesson. God help her. It's a gorgeous day here in Whistler and there is still time to hop in your car or book a flight to get here for this weekend, when we'll take it up a notch higher at the Pampered Pussy party.

I shot a little video of Dipstick yesterday playing in a huge pile of snow at the center of the Village. She will embed it here (if she's not at the Urgent Care center) after her day on the slopes.


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