Sunday, February 8, 2009

Women's World Cup Bobsled

One day of skiing was enough for me in Whistler. But as you probably know, Vancouver and Whistler are going to be the site of the 2010 Winter Olympics. If you know anything about Dipstick by now, you know she's a sucker for women athletes. I couldn't wait to head over and watch the best bobsleigh athletes in the world zip down the icy shute. Especially after meeting this cute Switzerland bobby.

The sleds go really fast: 140 km per hour. So it was a miracle that I snapped this photo of a sled as it reached the final curve before the finish line. 

Watching at the bottom was fun, but the real exciting part was when I made the long hike up to the top of the bobsled course, where the athletes were preparing to start their races.

There's just something about a female athlete, in tip-top shape, completely in her element, so fully in her body, confident and in the moment that totally turns me on. And even more so when it involves teamwork. 

It's all about power and concentration and skill and just being so completely engrossed in that moment. Watch these Canadian athletes start their race and see if you can relate.  

I doubt I'll make it to the Winter Olympics, but seeing these races was the next best thing. The best $5 I ever spent.

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