Thursday, February 26, 2009

Thanks SIUE!

We just got home from a whirlwind trip to the midwest. Earlier this week, we spoke to a group of students on the campus of Southern Illinois University in Edwardsville, Ill. Dipstick and I flew into St. Louis (we saw the arch from far away as we drove across the Missouri River) and wished we'd padded the trip with more time to spend in Missoura (as they say it).

What a warm welcome we got from the campus GSA. We so enjoyed meeting all of them! A big warm thank you to Liz (aka Queen Vagina), the president of the GSA and one of our panel guests, JP, Dani (who showed us around Cougar-ville), Seth, Shane, Latta, Maggie, Andrew (also on the panel), Lisa and Patti at Trash (a lezzie-owned trendy vintage shop on Main Street in Edwardsville), Lenore (who was the studly physics professor who brought us in), Cathy (aka Sex, Drugs and Rock and Roll guru on our panel) and Nicole (an amazing ally/professor who also joined us on stage). There were many others, too (sorry I didn't name you!), so thanks to all who came to our luncheon and the evening event at the Lovejoy Auditoriumm, gay and straight alike. We had a blast!

As fate would have it, our speaking agent, Gail Hand with Insightful Women Speakers, was also on hand (so to speak). She's done a great job for Lipstick & Dipstick and we give her props!

Gail and I were on the same flight cross country, too, so it was great to catch up with her. (Gail, how about our next gig is at the University of Hawaii?)

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Anonymous said...

Hi Lipstick

Thanks for visiting our campus. It was a great gesture when Dipstick and you invited me over to hang out with you after the talk show at bulls and bears. I will cherish that moment forever in my life. It made me very happy.

You look very beautiful and i also noticed that you have an amazing voice when you sang on the stage.

Both of you are very down to earth and have a kind heart. My kudos to both of you for your contribution to our community.

- Latta