Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Clay Aiken Comes Out

The world is round! The economy is in trouble!

Big news: Clay Aiken FINALLY opened his closet door this week. [*sigh of relief*] This tormented American-Idol-almost-winner can finally sleep well because he came out on the cover of People Magazine this week and confirmed what every person in America already knew: he's a fudge packer.

The cover shot of People--a photo with his new son (he used a surrogate, music mogul David Foster's sister!)--is paired with People's now infamous line (originated by trailblazer Ellen Degeneres on Time Magazine in 1997) "YES, I'M GAY."

He said he decided to come out because he didn't want to raise his child amidst the lies and teach him that hiding is okay.

This comes out (eh hem) right before National Coming Out Day, which is October 11th. Maybe his bravery will inspire other closets celebs to step out, too (yes Kevin Spacey, Queen Latifah, Lindsay Lohan, Ricky Martin, Tom Cruise and Mr. Rogers, I'm talking to you).

Way to go Clay! Welcome to the party! Life will be a lot easier now.

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Patty Cake said...

You kill me...LoL...You do realize though that Mr. Rogers has moved on tho the grand drag queen show in the sky. God bless his beautiful blue zipper sweater self.