Friday, September 12, 2008

Ellen + Portia Wedding Details

Hey ya'll

Not sure if you watch Ellen religiously, but in case you missed her show earlier this week when she shared their private wedding video and photos with her audience, you can catch a glimpse of it here. She got really emotional at one point and even danced with Portia. When Ellen said we get to see their second dance, she went into the audience and boogied down with Portia, which is cut from the first video. You can see it further below.

Enjoy! Love you Ellen!

Ellen and Portia Boogying

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful! Thanks for posting, especially for someone like me: media-deprived except when it comes to GoogleReader (and foolish enough to admit an ignorance about who Lindsay Lohan may be ... alas, I do live in a bubble.)

Thanks again!