Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Lesbian Weddings are So Much Fun!

Or at least this one was. How many weddings have you been to where they do "the wave?" No, not on the dance floor, but during the actual ceremony. The Brides, Chama and Sandy, know how to put on a party.  They rented out a summer camp and dubbed it the "Big Love Weekend." 

Friday night we hung out, laughed, ate pizza and actually got to visit with the Brides. Chama is from Venezuela and had friends and family in from all over: Miami, Columbia, Houston, Germany, Mexico and Venezuela. It was touching to see that so many of them made the trip for a big fat lesbian wedding.  Many of those Latin countries aren't exactly known for being gay-friendly. 

The ceremony was multi-cultural and multi-lingual. Chama looked stunning in the outfit she and I picked out: brown tuxedo pants and an understated, low cut tuxedo shirt. She couldn't show up her beautiful bride, who elicited gasps of approval as she strode down the aisle in a beautiful orange vintage dress.  

And while the brides did look stunning, I must admit, my date and I looked pretty hot too. Chama and Sandy, while standing under the hupa, waiting to say their vows, looked over at Tiger and I and commented to each other on how good we looked. Don't we? 

Dinner was a lesbian buffet. At least it wasn't potluck. Guests were seated at tables named after TV shows. We, of course, were at The L Word table. Our friends Pam & Vicky at Ugly Betty. Sandy named one table after Exes & Ohs, but it wasn't just for lesbians. That's where she sat all her exes. 

Of course we ate cake and danced our little birkenstocks off. (You really don't think I'm wearing birkenstocks in that outfit do you?)  Right after cake, there was a rousing version of The Macarena

It was a fun time and kinda cool that in Oregon they can actually get some rights to go with that party. You can't ask for more than that can you? Well, maybe full marriage equality, but I'm guessing that's right around the corner. 


Lipstick said...

Dip + Tiger, you guys look hot! Congrats to Chama and Sandy. Woot!

Anonymous said...

Gosh, that looks like a fun wedding!

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