Monday, September 8, 2008

Lesbians + Wine Country = Trouble

Greetings again from the Bay Area! We had such an amazing weekend with all our Curve friends (and all of the wonderful friends of Curve who joined us). Saturday, after our pool party, we headed to Ceja winery, an amazing Mexican-American owned vineyard in Napa. The matriarch, Amelia Ceja, did our exclusive tasting of their bella rosa, sauvignon blanc, pinot noir and one of their delicious blends. And was she ever a pistol. While she proselytized about the state of the union and a slam or two about the religious right and how hypocritical they are, this feminista kept all of us on our toes and many of us thought we were activists and political spokespeople. She was a riot and with each sip of their wine, she became more and more eloquent (it's usually the opposite for me and Dip). What a joy she was. Next time you're in Napa, be sure to stop by their vineyard and say hello. Be sure to tell Amelia the girls from Curve sent you.

Our next stop was Domaine Carneros, someowhere I'd been years and years before when I just had a fake ID. I was in college and my best buddy, Billy Finch, took me on my very first wine tour. Their brut is perfection, and that afternoon/evening, our hosts paired it with soaked hibiscus flowers, which are very edible. Belisimo! The private party--hosted by Shell Vacations--was a page torn out of Romantic Wine Tasting 101. The back drop could've been found on a Hollywood lot and the company--30beautiful lesbians--made the experience that much richer.

The evening ended at the fire pit with smores fixins'. A sweet way to end a wonderful weekend with good friends, great wine and lots of laughter. For those of you who were there, please drop me a line ( so I can send you your pics from DomaineCarneros! Somehow, I lost the list of emails.


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