Monday, September 15, 2008


I've been spending some time up here in Vancouver and Patty and I went to a fundraiser on Saturday night. It was an evening of poetry, storytelling and of recognizing literacy as a basic human right. At the event, seven celebrated queer women authors read to raise funds for the women's literacy program in the Downtown Eastside. They inlcuded: Mette Bach, Cathleen With, Afuwa Granger, Michelle Miller, Shana Myara, Amber Dawn and Mimi Mahovlich.

We went with some new friends Jill and Jess (pictured here). They're super fun and they met at Curve Magazine (they were both working there) ten years ago. Our publisher, Frances Stevens, introduced us and now we're super happy they're in our lives. Two other friends joined us, Jenny and Cara, and we love them, too. It was so nice just kicking it in a cozy booth with friends and wine and not having to get up and read. The cafe--Rhizome--is lesbian-owned and served some good grub. If you're ever in Vancouver and looking for the local scene, this place is a great stop.

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