Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Dinah Shore: Here We Come!

Lipstick is getting her bikini line waxed and I'm trying to decide which pair of board shorts I should wear to the L Word Pool Party. Tomorrow we head out to Dinah Shore where will be attending BOTH the Club Skirts and the Girl Bar festivities.

For those of you who don't know what Dinah Shore is, well, it started as a little LPGA Golf Tournament. But now it's one of the best known and hottest lesbian parties in the world. Picture scantily clad, slightly inebriated lesbians crowded around a tiny pool while disco music thumps and go-go dancers sweat on raised platforms.

It's not all and drinking and debauchery, though. Our favorite comedian Suzanne Westenhoefer is performing Thursday night and Leisha Hailey and her band Uh-Huh-Her will be rocking out at the White Diamonds Party. Across town Belinda Carlisle and The Go Go's vacation at The Pure White Party. The there's Pat Benatar and Colbie Caillat, a competition to act out your favorite L Word scene. And oh, did we mention Kate Moenning, Ilene Chaiken and Jane Lynch? I have a feeling I'm going to be chasing down one party after another. Wish us luck. I know, it's a hard life as a traveling lesbian journalist.

If you're going to be in Palm Springs this weekend, look for us at the Curve magazine booth somewhere near the pool at the Girl Bar event. Plus, Lipstick and I will be making the rounds, looking for the hottest scene, the nicest girls and anyone who will buy us a drink.

Photo Credit: Club Skirts

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