Friday, April 4, 2008

Dipstick Reporting from Dinah Shore

We came all the way to Palm Springs and Lipstick decided to stay back at the house and nap. Well, not Dipstick. I headed out with my friend Dionne, first to see Suzanne Westenhoefer, our favorite comedian--vote for her on Curve magazine. I ran into my old friend Cindi who I met at Dinah Shore four years ago. We all hung out backstage after Suzanne’s concert with our esteemed publisher Frances Stevens, Dinah producer Mariah Hanson, Elizabeth Keener (Dawn Denbo from The L Word) and Jill Bennett from Dante’s Cove. It was a regular celesbian-fest back there. We stayed until they kicked us out.

Next stop, the Logo Lounge for some first class lounging with cute women from all over, including Girls in Wonderland Producers Alison and Michelle.

After a brief stop for some nourishment, Dionne and I headed out to the opening night dance party at Zelda’s night club. We danced a bit, Dionne slipped a few dollars in the dancers shorts and then I made her bring me home so I could rest up for today.