Saturday, April 26, 2008

East Coast Tour :: Rochester, NY

Dipstick and I arrived in Syracuse on Wednesday and took the night off. We had a BIG family dinner at the Belge household--Dipstick has 8 siblings. Lipstick was a little overwhelmed by such familial chaos. They were all so delightful, however, and made me feel like I'd grown up right along side all of them.

Yesterday, after a long run on Syracuse University's campus, I hit a sushi joint for lunch and caught up on work yesterday. Dipstick spent the day with her neices and nephews and her twin sister. She'll be blogging about that later.

In the afternoon, I stopped by my sorority house Kappa Kappa Gamma and snapped this picture. Man did it make me feel old!

Her sister Mary and her girlfriend Meg picked me up late in the afternoon and we headed to Rochester, NY, which is about 80 miles from Syracuse, where we're staying cause Dipstick is from here.

We arrived with plenty of time at Equal Grounds. After meeting John and Randy, we went next door and had a slice of New York style pizza for dinner. The reading went great and many dynamic women from the Rochester community showed up. Although we didn't count, we guessed there were about 20. A big THANK YOU to all that showed up.

As we were leaving, two sweet lesbians who own Hedonist Chocolates. They gave us the most delicious gift basket of chocolates that didn't make it back to Syracuse. We ate them in the car on the drive back. Before we hit the road, however, we had a beer with one of Dipstick's oldest friends, (pictured here). Bill and Dip (including Dip's twin Mary) reminisced about the good old days while Mary's fabulous femme girlfriend, Meg, and I chatted about shopping, love and our favorite movies.

We are doing a reading in Syracuse today and then headed to one of Dipstick's brother's houses for another big ole' Belge din din. I'll be sure to snap pictures this time and give you the lowdown...


Anonymous said...

No, Bill is just an old friend, not a 'boyfriend'! Dip is a GOLD STAR!


Zahra said...

Great to meet you in the Roc! Glad you enjoyed the chocolate, here's where you can get more: