Thursday, April 24, 2008

East Coast Tour :: Buffalo, NY

Hello from Buffalo!

Dip and I arrived at the crack of dawn (well at least it was in the Pacific Northwest—we took a red eye) in Buffalo, New York yesterday and rented a car. We loaded up our little tin can (the heap with no automatic anything was all Hertz had at the time even though we wanted something bigger) and had to play Tetris to get all our luggage in. (Side note: Butches travel with as much stuff as the femmes, maybe more because of their hair products. Like Dipstick always says: all a butch has in her hair.)

We went to Dipstick’s friends Adjoa and Christy's house (pictured here with their adorably old and blind Ruby) and dumped our stuff before heading off to Niagara Falls. And wow, what waterworks! Odjua snapped this shot of Dip and I. Supah cool, but the tourist area was surprisingly sleepy.

Before Niagara (and I know I’m talking out of sequence, but I’m still a bit touched by the lack of sleep—roll with me), we stopped for lunch at the original buffalo wing restaurant called the Anchor Bar. Apparently, it’s where those little fried fuckers dipped in blue cheese got their start. The Story. Hence the name “Buffalo” wings. For those of you also touched by lack of sleep or otherwise, it’s not actually buffalo meat they fry, but chicken. I have to say they *were* some of the best wings I’ve ever had. Check out the drumstick hat Dip bought. She ended up wearing it to dinner that night, too. I told her it looked kind of funny, but that butch just didn’t care. She’s still wearing it today. Her head hardly fit into the car...

Anyway, after we both stole naps, we headed to Talking Leaves, the big queer bookstore in town and met the owner John. We weren’t sure if anyone would show—I mean we’re 3000 miles from home for christsakes—but DAMN did the dykes of Buffalo show Lipstick & Dipstick some love. It was packed! And the crowd laughed in all the right places (it’s kinda awkward when people don’t think we’re funny) and we had a really spirited Q & A afterwards.

A very BIG thanks to all the ladies who came out to support us in Buffalo. We really appreciated it!

Our next reading is tomorrow night (Friday) in Rochester. Spread the word!

April 25th
Equal Grounds Coffee House
750 South Avenue, Rochester NY 14620

Other Upcoming East Coast Readings:

April 26
Lavender Inkwell
304 North McBride Street
Syracuse, NY

April 27

4-8pm (show at 6pm)
Doubles II
29 Church St.
Catskill, NY

April 30
Oscar Wilde Bookstore

15 Christopher Street
New York, NY

May 2
75 Warrenton ST
Boston, MA

May 3
North Hampton Pride
North Hampton, MA

May 4
Pride & Joy Books
20 Crafts Avenue
North Hampton, MA

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