Monday, April 7, 2008

Lesbians Everywhere

So, yesterday was the final blowout pool party and boy did those dykes let it all hang out. Some of the highlights included this butch below with her beer holsters--have you ever seen anything like this? Miller Lite should be having hot chicks walk around the pool parties with these holsters selling beer. Genius. We ran into readers/fans all weekend and one in particular took the cake. Dipstick and I were walking out of the White Party (see photo of White Party below) when all of the sudden we heard a chick scream. She was drunk, maybe on some sort of hallucinogen and super excited to see her favorite advice columnists.

"Oh my god," she yelled, "It's Lipstick & Dipshit." I kid you not! DIPSHIT. I literally doubled over in laughter and so did Dip. The woman was really embarrassed and tried to chalk it up to some sort of Freudian slip and has since apologized twice at the pool party, but I am holding on to this one. It will go down in history.

The pool party at the Doral Hotel was equally as crazy, so we hear from our fellow Palm Springs sorority sisters (aka those we are living with in this modern ranch-style rental house). They snapped a picture of a vagina walking around (no joke, it looks like a giant mussel) and apparently our friend "Georgia" dove into it. Evidence is coming soon. Come back for this pic later today.

Last night, after a long day in the sun, we laid low and went to a late sushi dinner with all the girls in our Palm Springs "sorority house." I was telling Dip that it's just like old times for me to be sharing a house with six other dykes, where we come and go, wear nothing by bikinis and always have a cocktail in hand. You can see some of our "sisters" in the pic here.

Dipstick will be writing more later about the things she did, which beyond hanging at the pool with me, included the L Word Press Conference, the L Word Be Scene event and some good ole' dyke Final Four basketball watching with our friend and publisher Frances Stevens. More later.

So, we bid Palm Springs adieu today and push off for West Hollywood, where we have a reading tonight.

COME SEE US! It's at 7:30 at A Different Light Bookstore (8853 Santa Monica Blvd.)

For more photos, go HERE.