Tuesday, April 29, 2008

East Coast Tour :: Catskill + Woodstock, NY

DIPSTICK: As you can see, Lipstick and I were in Woodstock, NY yesterday. Yes, home of the 1969 Woodstock Festival which put hippies on the map! At the Woodstock sign, I asked Lipstick not to take her clothes off and not to light the joint right there on the side of the road, but that femme just never listens. She does what she damn well chooses with no regard to anyone else. I was able to wrap this rainbow "Peace" flag around her before the cops arrived and I managed to talk her into keeping her pants on, but she still got several honks from passersby.

LIPSTICK: Oh geeze, Dip, you're such a square. What she's not mentioning, dear readers, is that she was wearing a tie-dyed tank top on and round blue sunglasses. Also, I'd just snuck a hallucinogenic mushroom in her omelet at breakfast without her knowing.

DIPSTICK: You stuck a mushroom in my omelet at MOD? It was such a delicious breakfast, too, and Mary and Dana were so sweet. Bu now I can stop worrying about those little leprechauns that followed me all the way down main street in Woodstock.

LIPSTICK: Leprechauns? I saw enormous squirrels. You're right about one thing today Dip, and that's how fantastic breakfast was. Before we hit the road in our magic bus for Woodstock, we had an amazing meal at MOD. As mentioned yesterday, MOD is a gourmet cafe in downtown Catskill owned by lesbot couple Mary (aka Mo) and Dana (aka Bret Michaels from drag show). See the photo of them in their open, organic kitchen. I had a Mediterranean omelet and Dipstick and something equally as yummy.

DIPSTICK: During our day in Woodstock, where is was raining torrentially all day, we both had our tarot cards read. My reading was mostly positive and said that my next big project is going to be a huge success.

LIPSTICK: Mine was all positive--the woman said people rarely draw all positive cards--and she said I'm surrounded by love and prosperity and that I'm on the right career path. My favorite card I drew was the "Fool" card (left), which means I'm a huge risk taker. (I already wear this as a badge of honor.) Good news, huh Dip?

DIPSTICK: Yes, good news. We had dinner with Retts at a Middle Eastern restaurant in Woodstock and then called it an early night. Lip and I are headed to Manhattan in a few minutes. We are so excited that our friend Alix's daughter is hooking us up with an apartment to stay in. While we're there we'll be doing a reading at Oscar Wilde tomorrow night. It's at 7pm. Come see us! Details below:

April 30
Oscar Wilde Bookstore
15 Christopher Street
New York, NY