Monday, April 28, 2008

East Coast Tour :: Catskill, NY

DIPSTICK: Yesterday, we had breakfast in Syracuse with my family before blowing out of town. We ate at this cute little lesbian-owned cafe called Sugar Pearl.

LIPSTICK: I love that name!

DIPSTICK: Me, too. Hands down, they have the best coffee in Syracuse.

LIPSTICK: Yes, all French Press. Yummm.

DIPSTICK: After b-fast, we drove up the Thruway and arrived in Catskill, NY. Lip and I were excited to learn that we have agreed on yet another artist to listen to in the car (because of our juxtaposed musical tastes right now, we only listen to Indigo Girls and Melissa Etheride). Jewel is now a featured guest on the road with us.

Once we arrived in Catskill, we met up with my old friend Retts. She was kind enough to let us stay with her and was hosting a drag king tea dance at the local gay bar, Doubles II, owned by gay stallions Sam + Michael. Lip and I made it just in time to change clothes and head over to the party.

LIPSTICK: Dip and I emceed the show, which included four local drag king acts. The first was Dana doing Poison's Bret Michaels. See photo. She rocked the house. And there will be more on her later. The second act was Retts, who did a fantastic Frank Sinatra. When she sang New York New York, it brought down the house (she is pictured here with her Frankettes). The third act was a woman who did a skewed version of Bob Dylan's Lay Lady Lay. The fourth act was Depeche Mode (see little video below).

DIPSTICK: We met some amazing people last night and nearly sold out of books. We saved five of them so we'd have something to sell in Boston. Some of the highlights included seeing mother of all lesbians Alix Dobkin (who has her arm raised during the L & D Lesbian IQ Quiz on stage--see photo), Colton, budding writer Chris (pictured here with us in teal shirt), Deborah (good luck with the fuzz!) and Faye, and Mo and Dana (also pictured below), who own a really fantastic gourmet cafe in town. More on that tomorrow.

LIPSTICK: I have to say, I just got back from a run this morning and I really like this little village of Catskill. I ran along the Hudson River as it poured rain down on me. There is something really sweet about small town life and by the turn out last night (85 dykes!), the queer community is alive and well, too. More tomorrow about our day today...