Saturday, April 26, 2008

East Coast Tour :: Syracuse, NY

DIPSTICK: What a time we had in Syracuse! After spending several days with my family, Lipstick and I finally had our reading here in Syracuse. Here is a picture of one of the owners, John, introducing us.

LIPSTICK: In all, we guessed about 25 people showed up at the Lavender Inkwell, which is an adorable queer book shop thats in an old Victorian house. Those that showed for the reading included one of Dipstick's old college roommates who she hadn't seen in 15 years and Dipstick's old track coach, who she used to taunt because she was a lesbian. Funny how things come around full circle, eh?

DIPSTICK: Well, we didn't actually taunt her. We just used to sing "I love you, you love me, homosexuality. People think we're just friends, but we're really lesbians."

LIPSTICK: Ahh, that sounds like taunting to me.

DIPSTICK: Whatever, we were young, thought we were straight (ha) and no harm was done. She came to the reading and bought a book, right?

LIPSTICK: True. Hanging out with Dipstick's family here in Syracuse was such a rich learning experience. I was privilege to two family dinners. One at her folks house where her mom made her signature shrimp curry. Went back for seconds. The last night we were in town, her brother, Tom, and sister in law Karen, hosted a BBQ. The weather didn't cooperate, but the burger and leg of lamb sure tasted good. Here is a picture of me with those from Dipstick's family who came to the reading. Her parents are in the back and her mom made the whole room cry when she talked about how much she loves her lesbian daughter and how she came to terms with it being a religious woman.

More to come.....

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