Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Who Can Resist? Pictures of Puppies

This weekend I took a trip up into Washington to visit our friend whose dog just had 10 puppies. Actually these puppies are nieces and nephews to our 4-year old Rocky.

Everyone said if Tiger and I even went to visit, we were going to come home with one. As cute as they are, we really are still getting over losing Juneau (who would have been 14 on Saturday) and enjoying being a one-dog home for now.

But damn, they sure are cute, aren't they? And they just have that sweet puppy breath.


BerengariaD said...

100% adorable!

Anonymous said...

3rd picture: ``I`m so cute I poop puppies`` heh, couldn`t resist..
Indeed puppies are cute, and so are huskies so this combination is an overload of cute.